The East Remembers — Western Vaccine Diplomacy

The US is what Lannisters were. Selfish self-proclaimed house.

The Context & Scenario.

So what are those critical raw materials?

It was a plain simple tweet for the US to lift the embargo it has placed on Vaccine Raw Materials which is making it difficult not just for Serum Institute but also other manufacturers outside the US to facilitate faster vaccine production.

India’s Covid second Deadly Wave

The BAN by United States


Covid First Wave and Indo-US Relations.

As of 25th April, India has supplied 10.6 million vaccines as a grant to 30+ countries in the world and a total 66.26 million vaccines under the various agreements to 95 countries.

US Claim of Self Vaccination

Official CDC figures

US Vaccine Figures & Estimated Demand/Supply.

The Hypocrisy

The EU has ordered 1.6bn doses for its adult population of roughly 375 million, the UK has ordered 219m full vaccinations for its 54 million adults (a surplus of 165m), while Canada has ordered 188m full vaccinations for its 32 million adults (an excess of 156 million).

Welcome to the new colonialism, the article rightly highlights the hypocritical world we live in.

Source: We live in a divided world. Let’s accept this.

The Conclusion

I’ve respect for the US and its people but the administration has shown its true face. Hard times reveal your true character and that of those around you. Pay attention. Action speaks louder than words.

Our systems have failed, but we won’t fail as human beings.

John F Kennedy

PS: 7 hour after this went online, the US has decided to supply raw materials for vaccine and other medical materials to India. An official statement has arrived. This is a diplomatic win by India and also a message to the world. You can’t bully us.



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